Carbon welded seamless spiral steel pipe for oil pipeline construction

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Oil pipeline (also known as pipeline, pipeline) is composed of oil pipe and its accessories, and according to the needs of the technological process, equipped with the corresponding oil pump unit, designed and installed into a complete pipeline system, used to complete the oil unloading and transfer tasks.

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Oil pipeline system, that is, the pipeline system used to transport petroleum and petroleum products, mainly consists of oil pipelines, oil transmission stations and other auxiliary related equipment. It is one of the main equipment in the petroleum storage and transportation industry, and also the most important transportation equipment for crude oil and petroleum products. Compared with the transportation of oil by rail and road, which are both land transportation modes, Pipeline oil transport has the characteristics of large volume, good airtightness, low cost and high safety factor.

The pipes of oil pipelines are generally steel tubes, which are connected by welding and flanges and other connecting devices with long distance pipelines, and valves are used for opening and closing control and flow regulation. Oil pipeline mainly has isothermal transportation, heating transportation and sequential transportation and other transportation technology. Corrosion of pipeline and how to prevent corrosion is one of the important links of pipeline maintenance. Oil pipeline has become one of the main means of oil transportation, and still has considerable development potential in the future.


Length 1m, 4m, 6m, 8m, 12m according to buyer's request
Material A53Gr.B.A36.ST52.ST35.ST42 .ST45X42, X46, X52, X60, X65X70, SS400, STK400, Q235AHloy steel; ASTM A234 WP12, WP11, WP22, WP5, WP9WP91, 12 Cr1MoV, 10CrMo910, 15CrMo, 12Cr2Mo1ect
Standard API 5L.ASTM A106 Gr.B.ASTM A53 Gr.B.ASTM A179/A192, ASTM A513, ASTM A671. ASTM A672.BS EN 10217. BS EN10296, BS EN 39 BS6323, DIN-EN10217, DIN, GB8162, GB8163, GB5310

Tubing and applicability

The pipe used for oil pipelines is mainly carbon steel pipe, which can be divided into seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe according to its manufacturing process. Seamless steel pipe has the characteristics of high strength, multiple specifications, so it is suitable for corrosive oil products or high temperature conditions. Seamless steel pipe is divided into hot rolled and cold drawn two kinds. Because cold drawing process will cause hardening of the material, it is also necessary to do the corresponding heat treatment according to the specific use of the pipe. Welded steel pipe can be divided into two kinds: seam steel pipe and dropped welded pipe. Due to the process characteristics of carbon steel pipe, this kind of steel pipe is easy to become brittle at low temperature, so it is mainly suitable for normal temperature pipeline, the use temperature of the pipe should not exceed 300 degrees Celsius, generally speaking, the use temperature of ordinary carbon steel pipe is between 0 and 300 degrees Celsius. If the use of high quality carbon steel pipe, the temperature range and relaxation of - 40 to 450 degrees Celsius. The test pressure of steel pipe is generally 1.5 times the nominal pressure. When the temperature of the material is not more than 200 degrees Celsius, the working pressure is nominal pressure. When the temperature exceeds 200 degrees, the working pressure should be correspondingly lower than the nominal pressure.

Specification type

The outer diameter of the steel pipe is generally represented by a capital letter D, and the value of the outer diameter is added behind it. For example, the steel pipe with an outer diameter of 400mm is represented by D400; The inner diameter of the steel pipe is denoted by lowercase letter d, followed by the inner diameter value. For example, the inner diameter of the steel pipe is 300, denoted as d300; The specification of the steel pipe is generally expressed as "φouter diameter × wall thickness". For example, the outer diameter is 400mm and the wall thickness is 6mm. The pipe is Φ400×6.

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