Durable Copper Tubing for Plumbing Applications

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Copper wire is a conductive wire made of high-purity copper, which is an essential basic material in industries such as power transmission, electronics manufacturing, and electrical engineering. Copper wire is a high-purity copper wire obtained by drawing or extruding, and is commonly used in industries such as power transmission, electrical engineering, and electronics manufacturing. Its specifications, dimensions, strength and other indicators are in line with relevant domestic and foreign standards.

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Copper wire is mainly used in power transmission, electrical engineering, electronic manufacturing and other fields, and is an important part of connecting circuits. It can conduct electrical energy to different devices or electronic components, realize the connection and transmission of circuits, and ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment. 


① High conductivity: Copper wire has excellent conductivity, much higher than other metal materials. Therefore, it can reduce losses in energy transmission and increase the efficiency of electrical equipment.
② Good processing performance: Copper wire can be processed by stretching, extrusion and other methods, which can meet the needs of different shapes and sizes in the market.
③ Strong anti-corrosion performance: the copper material itself has good anti-corrosion performance, can be used in different environments, and also prolongs the life of the product.
④ Good plasticity and toughness: Copper wire has very good plasticity and toughness, which can well adapt to various complex and harsh use environments, and also provides convenience for product processing and use.


Special attention should be paid to the following items when using and storing copper wire:
① Avoid moisture or humid environment to avoid corrosion;
② It is necessary to avoid being pulled or damaged during transportation and installation;
③ It is necessary to avoid overload or overcurrent during use, so as not to cause equipment failure.

After-sales service

Our company provides comprehensive after-sales service. In case of product quality problems or problems during use, you can contact us through the official website, telephone, email, etc., and we will provide appropriate solutions as soon as possible. Transport Packaging: Our company is very particular about transportation packaging. We use shockproof packaging and high-quality transportation tools for all copper wires to ensure the safety and integrity of the products during transportation.

Process flow

① Material selection: select high-purity copper material to ensure product quality;
② Heating: Heating the copper material to make it have good plasticity;
③ Stretching: the copper material is made into copper wire by stretching;
④ Cleaning: Clean the product to remove impurities and dirt on the surface;
⑤ Test: Carry out quality inspection to ensure that the product meets the standard. Summarize: As an indispensable basic material in the fields of electronics, electric power, and manufacturing, copper wire has the advantages of high electrical conductivity, good processing performance, strong corrosion resistance, good plasticity, and toughness. Pay attention to moisture-proof and damage-proof when using and storing. At the same time, we also provide after-sales service and perfect transportation packaging.

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