Hot Rolled Steel Billets 1/6 60mm-150mm Q235 5SP

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Billet is the product of molten steel from steelmaking furnace after casting. In terms of manufacturing technology, steel billet can be divided into two types: die casting billet and continuous casting billet.

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Hardness Full hard
Size 80*80 100*100 120*120 150*150 180180 200*200


From the appearance, it is mainly divided into two kinds:
Slab: section wide, high ratio is larger, mainly used for rolling plate.
Billet: section width, height equal, or little difference, mainly used for rolling section steel, wire.
Billet is originally steel, after processing can be used as mechanical parts, forgings, processing all kinds of steel, section steel Q345B channel steel, wire is the role of billet.
Billet refers to the semi-finished product used in the production of steel, which can not be directly used in society. Billet and steel are strictly divided into standards, can not be determined to be the final product of the enterprise, but should be implemented according to the unified standards of the whole society. Normally, billets are relatively easy to distinguish from steel, but for some billets, those that have the same specifications and use as steel (such as rolled tube billets) can be distinguished by whether they are used in other industries, whether they have undergone a steel processing process, and whether they have been processed by a finished mill.

Continuous cast steel square billet and rectangular billet are mainly represented by common carbon steel, low carbon and low silicon cold rolled material, high quality carbon structural steel, low alloy high strength steel, special steel, etc.

Production Technology
Billets are produced by three processes:
First, through the continuous casting equipment of steelmaking system, the steel billet is cast directly from molten steel.
The second is the steel ingot or continuous casting billet produced by the steel making system through the rolling equipment of the steel rolling system.
The third is the semi-finished product of the ingot produced by the steel making system through forging equipment.

Thickness range: 150-240mm +/-5mm
Width range: 880-1530mm +/-20mm
Length range: 3700-10000mm +/-500mm
Cross-section size: 64*64; 82*82; 98*98; 124*124; 120*150; 152*164; 152*170mm
Length: 9000mm
Section tolerance: billet (+1.0/-2.0----+3.0/-1.0mm); Slab (Width: +/-2.0MM, thickness: +/-3.0MM)
Length tolerance: +/-200MM
Diagonal tolerance of section: 3.5-8.0MM
Billet section size protrudate requirements: <1242MM, not allowed; =1242MM, <=2MM; >1242MM, <=3MM
Fracture (shear) extension deformation: <1242MM (square billet: no control; Slab: <=15MM)
Surface tilt: no more than 0.1 of the blank section
Bending degree: no more than 10MM per 1M length
Distortion: length <=5M, <=11; Length <=7.5M, <=5.
Material 3SP/PS chemical composition % : C, Mn, Si, S, P

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