Multi-purpose aluminum film, essential for cooking (Aluminum foil)

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Aluminum foil, also known as aluminum film, is a lightweight but high-strength metal material made of pure aluminum. Aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, construction, electrical conductors and other fields. Its luster and flexibility make it a very useful product. 

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main functions

The main functions of aluminum foil are moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping, especially in the field of food packaging. Aluminum foil can isolate the outside air and moisture, so that the food is not easy to deteriorate. It can also be used in baking and baked goods as it acts as an insulator to keep the food from overcooking. 


The advantages  feature of aluminum foil is that it is very light, yet also has strength and flexibility. It has a smooth surface, easy to clean, and not easy to fade, so it is easy to print. Aluminum foil can also be recycled, which is a green option. Care should be taken when using aluminum foil, the aluminum foil should not come into contact with acidic substances such as lemon juice or tomato juice, as these substances will corrode the aluminum foil. Prolonged exposure to high heat may also cause the aluminum foil to become discolored or brittle. Also, aluminum foil cannot be used in the microwave as it will reflect microwaves and cause a fire. 

after-sales service

For the after-sales service of aluminum foil, manufacturers usually provide one-stop services including returns, after-sales maintenance, and technical solutions. On shipping packages, aluminum foil is usually rolled into a spool and placed in a cardboard box to ensure that it is not damaged during shipping. The process flow of aluminum foil includes surfacing, rolling, cutting, longitudinal cutting and other steps to ensure high-quality and efficient manufacturing of products. In short, aluminum foil is widely used in modern life. Its lightness and superior characteristics make it a convenient and reliable food packaging material.

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