2023 Beijing building materials exhibition

The 32nd China (Beijing) International Building Decoration and Materials Expo ("BJBD Beijing Construction Expo"), which was originally scheduled to be held from March 9-12, 2022, will be postponed to March 19-22, 2023 in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Hall). Although the exhibition did not come as scheduled, but the organizers are still dedicated to provide diversified and professional services for all the participants, and fully support the development of the home building materials industry. This year, in order to further promote the development of household building materials industry chain multi-dimensional integration, booster technology supply and industry demand accurate docking, at the same time strengthen the household building materials across the country together and communication, 2023 BJBD Beijing building expo will be with CIDE Beijing custom household exhibition at the same time, forming basic building materials, custom household and high-end custom for the integration of diversified exhibition platform.

2023 Beijing building materials exhibition1

Upgrade the category of exhibits To build a one-stop home building materials decoration industry exhibition and trade platform

BJBD Beijing Construction Expo and CIDE Beijing Custom Home Exhibition were jointly held, and the exhibit categories are upgraded again. The ten exhibition products not only cover the whole industry chain of architectural decoration, but also include home decoration, doors and Windows and more subdivided quality brands of customized home furnishing. In the original custom household / whole household, hardware accessories, integrated top wall / new building materials, intelligent life / integrated appliances, cabinets and fittings, woodworking equipment and accessories, automatic door / door curtain wall / shading and accessories category, new household ready, household accessories, raw materials and auxiliary materials, custom household, high-end custom, prefabricated interior, environmental protection coatings and other niche exhibits.2023 BJBD Beijing Construction Expo, there will be a large variety of new products and new technologies appear. To the Beijing Construction Expo, the audience can realize the selection of all categories, greatly reduce the time cost of product selection, and seize the market opportunity.

Integrate superior resources Promote the value transformation of exhibitors

2023 Beijing building materials exhibition2

The decoration exhibition of hard and soft decoration will fully share buyer data and promotion resources, give play to their resource advantages, and form favorable and complementary —— 1 million + selected data, accurately reach dealers / agents, engineering decoration companies, design institutes, construction developers and other professional visitors; Meanwhile, relying on big data support, escort the exhibition effect with 400,000 + private traffic and 100 + community. Strengthen brand publicity and promotion; WeChat official account, video account, Toutiao, TikTok, Zhihu and other authoritative we-media platforms and major cooperative media platforms to conduct regular exhibition information push. From the exhibition pre-registration, exhibition publicity, pre-exhibition highlights, exhibitors recommendation, exhibition activities and other aspects, are the whole network coverage. Expand the channels of inviting professional visitors; organize precise buyers to help exhibitors through telephone, SMS, email and personnel visits. In addition, we will go deep into the second, third and fourth tier markets, expand emerging cooperation, and develop potential business opportunities.

Post time: Mar-24-2023