The 2021 Beijing Construction Expo was successfully concluded

On May 3, 2021, the 31st China (Beijing) International Building Decoration and Materials Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Construction Expo"), sponsored by China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation and organized by China Exhibition Group (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd., officially came to an end. The four-day exhibition has attracted more than 100,000 visitors.

The Beijing Construction Expo, which has been deeply engaged in the home building materials industry for 30 years, will grasp the critical moment of economic recovery in the post-epidemic era, explore the new pattern of the home building materials industry, boost the new consumption of the home building materials market, and present a professional and diversified industry feast for "building materials people".

Trend new products, new technology, to expand the market
In 2021, the home building materials industry will continue to flourish after the epidemic, and the enterprises will be more active in exploring the market. This was witnessed at the 2021 Beijing Construction Expo. Small Ni house with new blockbuster launched Nin.O 5 series of light luxury high order new —— Armani series, through the natural native oak cabinet, to the true to simple modern light luxury style presented, truly express the new style of life. Always with Ivan high-end custom, is committed to meet the user yearning and pursuit of better living, constantly create the art of home, custom household with light luxury minimalist style plate is given priority to, using high-end imported plate, pur laser edge sealing machine close seamless edge processing technology to create fashion classic design, show a kind of advanced sense of modern life. Big forest wood industry environmental protection plate support, to create a modern minimalist customized home. The new product is modern, simple and minimalist, supplemented by soft decoration elements full of high texture, creating a new sense of timely space aesthetics.

Blue torch Star high-end integrated stove, in this exhibition, the AIoT high-end integrated kitchen —— Zhou Xun 2 plus and Zhou Xun R6 series. The product is equipped with the latest AIoT intelligent technology: voice interaction control, wave induction control, mobile APP remote control and other functions to achieve human-machine interaction. Ruida launched the AI voice intelligent steaming and baking integrated stove, the appearance of fashion technology, contains infinite possibilities. The "Louis Koo" E6 displayed by Jaslin is equipped with self-developed removable furnace head to make the table clean without dead corners; E6 steam box / steam oven, the inner tank adopts integrated stretch enamel process, imported enamel dry powder, high temperature resistance above 500℃; no knob full touch screen design, switch, ignition adjustment, function selection to avoid the problem of traditional knob gap. At the same time, there are many CNC enterprises with their energy-saving and efficient new products appeared at the Beijing Construction Expo, many doors and Windows enterprises booth also attracted a lot of professional audience stop, exchange experience, discuss cooperation.

stimulating new growth drivers to embark on a new journey1

Lead the blockbuster concurrent activities to discuss opportunities
After years of development, Beijing Construction Expo is not only an exhibition to show innovative products, but also a platform for the home building materials industry to share ideas with the industrial chain and cross-industrial chain. As Beijing built expo heavyweight activities over the same period, everyone in the industry development trend of BBS, innovation, upward growth peak BBS and building new power in 2021, small and medium-sized custom enterprise smart development BBS brings together the key areas of the core talent and core enterprises, implements the high stance planning, high standard organization, high quality, shows the new period household building materials development industry frontier style and vitality, has played the leading household building materials development industry innovation and development, promote industrial technological progress, stimulate the important role of talent creativity.

Zhang Renjiang, secretary general of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce, said in the "innovation year, upward growth" summit forum, Beijing construction expo and Sohu focus home held "innovation year upward growth" summit forum, not only let the enterprise itself to obtain efficient development, but also can promote the market consumption environment more benign and healthy. At the same time, he suggested that home furnishing enterprises should take advantage of the trend in 2021, abandon the old or outdated set of playing methods, in channel expansion, manufacturing, brand marketing, product research and development from the idea to innovate and implement in place. Exhibition wisdom (Beijing) international exhibition co., LTD., deputy general manager of Mr Tian Qingtao said in a speech, Beijing build expo hope to build large medium enterprise financing development new carrier, give play to the role of large enterprises lead support, set up online combination of small enterprise innovation synergy, capacity sharing, supply chain of new industry innovation ecology. The "Year of Innovation, Up Growth" Summit Forum and "Exploring the New Power in the Building Materials and Home Furnishing Industry in 2021" will make full use of the unique advantages of leading enterprises, close the connection between upstream and downstream industries, support cross-business and cross-regional network cooperation, and form a new pattern of win-win cooperation between large, small and medium-sized enterprises.

stimulating new growth drivers to embark on a new journey2

Post time: May-23-2021