The fifth General Meeting was successfully concluded

On March 10th, the second general meeting of the fifth session of Tangshan Iron and Steel Industry Association was held grandly. Leaders and experts from the municipal government, enterprises and institutions in the iron and steel industry, upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain gathered together. The meeting summarized the work of Tangshan Iron and Steel Association in 2022, reviewed the achievements of the reform and development of Tangshan iron and steel industry, exchanged and shared work achievements and experience, deployed the key work tasks in 2023, analyzed the situation, studied the future, and planned the future development of the iron and steel industry.

fifth general Assembly1
fifth general Assembly2

More than 200 representatives from more than 40 steel and coking enterprises, including Hegang Tangshan Steel, Donghua Steel, Tianzhu Iron and Steel, Jinxi Iron and Steel, Xinda Iron and Steel, Vertical Iron and Steel, as well as representatives of upstream and downstream key enterprises and financial institutions attended the meeting. Tangshan Iron and Steel Association chairman unit, council units, member units, director units to attend the meeting.

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Uring the meeting, after deliberation by the board of Directors, it approved the addition of 2 vice president units, 3 director units, 29 member units and 1 director unit. President Xie Haishen awarded the new member units of the association, welcomed them to join Tangshan Steel Association, encouraged everyone to live up to expectations, carry on the past and make due contributions to the construction of Tangshan Steel Association.

In the exchange session, the outstanding enterprise representatives Xu Jimeng, President of Liaoning Sanhua Fireproof Group Co., LTD. Guo Xiaohua, deputy director of National Industrial Construction Quality and Safety Inspection and Testing Center, Ke Hua, co-founder and marketing General Manager of Heavy Truck Division of Sany Group Co., LTD. Zheng Liangbin, chairman of Qian Yida Group Co., LTD. according to the current situation and their own realities, We also shared our practical experience on how enterprises change their production and operation under the new market environment, especially in the aspects of product research and development, structural adjustment, management model innovation, scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, green and low-carbon development.

Since its establishment in 2004, Tangshan Iron and Steel Industry Association has developed to the present scale after 19 years of accumulation and precipitation. It has played an important role in promoting the scientific development of Tangshan iron and steel industry, actively responding to market changes and improving the overall competitiveness of Tangshan Iron and Steel industry. The development and progress of the Association cannot be separated from the joint efforts and efforts of all its members. In the future, we will coordinate all members to play the role of bridge between the government and enterprises, as well as enterprises and enterprises.

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Post time: Mar-24-2023