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Copper strip is an important metal material, which is refined from high-purity copper materials through multiple processes such as processing, rolling, and cold drawing. Copper strip has a wide range of applications, from electricity, electrical appliances, automobiles to construction, aerospace and aerospace. Copper strip is a thin copper sheet made of pure copper through multi-channel processing, rolling, cold drawing and other processes. The common specifications include thickness, width, length, etc., which meet the relevant standards and requirements at home and abroad. 

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Copper strip is widely used in electric power, electronics, construction, automobile and aerospace industries, and is mainly used in the manufacture of cables, transformers, motors, generators, electrical appliances, and electronic components. At the same time, it is also suitable for architectural decoration and wind and rain shading facilities such as walls, roofs, and pipes in the construction industry; in the aerospace field, copper strip is used to manufacture aircraft components, etc. 


1. Good conductivity: Copper strip has excellent conductivity, which is the highest conductivity among various conductive materials. It can effectively prevent excessive loss in power transmission.
2. Good processing performance: Copper strip can be processed by rolling, stretching, etc., which can meet the needs of different shapes and sizes in the market. At the same time, the material is flexible and easy to process and shape.
3. Low anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance: Copper strip material itself has good anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion performance, which is not easy to change for a long time and has a long service life.
4. High strength: Copper strip has higher strength than other copper materials, is not easy to deform, and has strong durability.


Copper strip requires special attention to the following when using and storing:
1. Avoid moisture or humid environment to avoid corrosion;
2. Avoid being pulled or damaged during transportation and installation;
3. Avoid overload or overcurrent during use, so as not to cause equipment failure.

After-sales service

The company provides perfect after-sales service. In case of product quality problems or problems during use, you can contact us through the official website, telephone, email, etc., and we will provide appropriate solutions as soon as possible. 

Transport Packaging

The company is very particular about transportation packaging. All copper strips use shockproof packaging and high-quality transportation tools to ensure the safety and integrity of the products during transportation. 

Process flow

1. Material selection: select high-purity copper material to ensure product quality;
2. Smelting: Melting the copper material to make it have a certain plasticity;
3. Rolling: Through the rolling process, the copper material is rolled into a copper strip of the corresponding size and thickness;
4. Cold drawing: improve the strength and corrosion resistance of the copper strip through the cold drawing process;
5. Trimming: Trim the edge of the product and remove the copper oxide skin on the surface;
6. Testing: Carry out quality testing to ensure that the products meet the standards.

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